SEO Techniques Kingston NY

We Offer REAL Metropolitan Area Advertising Almost all SEO companies use nationwide marketing in the largest US cities. The 5 boroughs of New York City, for example, have 8.45 million people. That's a lot of eyeballs. However, The New York City city consists of 28 cities in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, with a total population of 18,867,000 people. So, when you try to rank a company on page 1 of Google for ONLY New York City, you are missing about 10,400,000 eyeballs. That's a lot of traffic that will never come to your site. We'll Advertise YOUR Business In Metropolitan Areas Large cities have Metropolitan Statistical Areas consisting of a a great deal of additional cities. Smaller cities may not have actually defined metropolitan areas, so we'll add 20 neighboring cities for your promo. The result is ALWAYS going to be 20 keywords promoted to, and ranking on page 1 of the Google organic search engine result, in EVERY city in the selected location